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Biffy Clyro Make Their Long Awaited Return To Boston Tonight @ The Paradise

Scotland's finest exports Biffy Clyro make their long awaited return to the Boston area tonight when they grace the stage at The Paradise on Comm Ave. in what is sure to be a sweaty and emotional affair. The band last played in Boston 3 and a half years ago, so to say that this would be an eagerly anticipated show would be a gross understatement. Biffy Clyro have been one of the most buzzed about acts to come out of Scotland in quite some time, and they have been igniting audiences for years with their blend of alt-rock that is largely unclassified in origin and can trace its origins back 20 years ago to 1995 when they first formed in Kilmarnock. The fact that this band isn't more popular is mind boggling to me as they have crafted some of the most potent, emotionally charged music that I've heard in quite some time. Their most recent album "Ellipsis" which came out last summer features the band posing entirely naked on the cover, showcasing the band's hot bods and excessive tattoos that is also reflective of how the group appears on stage as they always play to a bevy of exposed skin, revealing their sweaty and heavily tattooed bods to the crowd that elicits the audience to grab them and connect with the band on an entirely different level.

Lead singer Simon Neil has a gratifying presence with his long flowing hair and incredibly thick Scottish accent that would win anyone over and may make some men question their own sexuality also. Bassist James Johnston offers up a great deal to the group and provides the emotionally charged fireworks that are just waiting to be set off at any given time. His brother Ben provides assistance on the drums and rounds out an extremely potent act that when you see live, makes you that much more connected to music and puts this band in an entirely different pantheon than anyone else. A phenomenal live act that deserves all the praise and adulation in the entire world.

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