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Manic Pixi Teaming Up With Blindspot Tonight @ O'Brien's

Brooklynites Manic Pixi make their long awaited return to the Boston area tonight when they grace the stage at O'Brien's in Allston along with local Bostonians blindspot. Manic Pixi are no stranger to the site, having been featured numerous times over dating back to when they were under the name Sugar Bomb, and are ready to melt the audience's faces once again. Frontwoman Kat Hamilton is once again at the top of her game with her dynamic stage presence taking a hold of you the minute you walk through that door. Guitarist Marshall Biever has the exemplary guitar riffs that ushers something inside of you that can't be explained, but releases itself in due time as the music begins to form. Bassist Drew Bastian immediately warms your heart with his ridiculous good looks and arousing bass licks that will have you running after him once the show has ended. And, it's none other than Emmett Ceglia on drums who doesn't seem to own any shirts, and is better off not owning any whatsoever as the sweat glistens when he pounds away at the drums night in and night out. A ridiculous live act that needs to be experienced live in order to get the full volume and breadth of what their music is about.

For more on tonight's show and to buy tickets, click on the Facebook Event listing over here and while you're at it, 'Like' Manic Pixi them on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and visit their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info regarding them.

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