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Aussie Trio The Elliotts Make Their Presence Known With Brand New EP "Aeroplane"

Melbourne, Australia based indie pop/rockers The Elliotts are ready to warm your heart with their brand new EP just released called "Aeroplane". The group are known for crafting simply structured pop-rock tunes, but they do so in a way that steals your heart and will leave you running around for awhile trying to get it back. Comprised of Robbie Elliott on lead vocals and guitar, James Howlett on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Daine Clyde on drums and vocals, the group's combined abilities make for an absolutely potent and mesmerizing musical power. I was enthralled with these guys from the first note, and what they were able to do was take the listener away from their surroundings and into an environment where the band is communicating directly with them and no one else alone. That's a pretty impressive feat to accomplish, and these guys have a real knack for creating soaring anthems that people can connect with and apply to their own life and surroundings. An enthralling Aussie act that is definitely worthy of adding to your playlist.

For more on The Elliotts, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook via this location here, check out their music on Soundcloud from right over here, and check out their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding the gentlemen.

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