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Atlanta, GA Based The Head Stopping By O'Brien's This Tue. 4/18

Photo Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

From the confines of Southern hospitality in Atlanta, GA comes the gratifying sounds of The Head, who will be stopping by the Boston area at O'Brien's this coming Tuesday 4/18. The band have a straightforward, indie/garage rock sound a la The Strokes with their own artistic and creative vision set forth that puts these guys into a different pantheon than their peers. I was quite impressed with my first listen of them, and they really seem to have a full grasp of what their sound is and also what they desire to achieve with their music. Some bands don't necessarily have a goal or path laid forward, and that can sometimes torpedo an entire group's future where they don't know where they see themselves in a few years. Luckily The Head don't have to worry about that as they have a clear vision ahead of them, know what's coming up around the bend, and what they intend to do with the success and knowledge they've attained also. It's all about knowing how you want to evolve moving forward, and that's what The Head have clearly demonstrated here. A very promising act that is most certainly worthy of a listen.

For more on the 4/18 O'Brien's show, click on the Facebook Event listing here and also 'Like' the band from over here to stay in tune with the group. Follow the band on Twitter from this location here, and check out their music on Soundcloud conveniently located here. Keep an ear out for their new album "Space" that will be out on August 4th.

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