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Austin, TX's Own Primal Static Gearing For 4/28 Out Of The Blue Gig

Austin, TX natives Primal Static are gearing to make an impression on Boston area listeners with their upcoming 4/28 show at Out of The Blue art gallery in Cambridge. The songs have an aggressive nature to them, coupled with a piercing musical dynamic that will hit you like a ton of bricks the moment the music starts playing. I twas particularly blown away at the duo right out of the gate, and they have that dynamic musicality that will set them off the charts, and away from the rest of the pack as well. Their music is meshed together as a rock/electronic/blues hybrid that you wouldn't think works well together, but in its finished form is quite a treat to listen to and is definitely something you should check out if you're a little wary of discovering. Primal Static definitely have that underdog charisma and charm to them that makes them all the more enticing to check them out in concert, and giving you ample reason to check them out yourself and be a part of the action!

For more on the 4/28 Out of The Blue show, click on the Facebook Event listing here and don't forget to 'Like' the band here as well while you're there to stay in tune with all of the band's musical updates. Check out their official website over here for more info about the band, plus links to stream their music also.

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