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Manchester's Ist Ist Bring Their Alt Rock Vibe On New Single "Strangers"

From the outskirts of Manchester, UK comes the alt influenced sounds of Ist Ist, who have just dropped their brand new single called "Strangers". The band have a straightforward, easily accessible alt-rock vibe with them, similar to the likes of Interpol with their dark tinged alt rock and soaring musical melodies creating for an interesting and well put together musical mixture here. I found these guys to have a strong musical cohesion to them, and they really seem to have a grasp of the type of music they want to play and the message they want to give to their audience. A lot of times, bands get too mired and delve way too deep into their own musical influences of their contemporaries, and try to emulate their idols way too much to the point that it borders on being a cover act. Ist Ist are definitely not in that category, and instead blend in their influences with elements of their own personality to create a truly authentic musical blend that speaks to mind about their creative juices which are flowing exponentially at this point.

To check out "Strangers" for yourself, it's available on YouTube right here and for more on Ist Ist, please 'Like' them on Facebook conveniently located here, follow their travels on Twitter from over here, and check out more of their music via their Soundcloud page conveniently located at this perch here.

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