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Darlington, UK's Jake Thomas Turnbull Returns With New Music Vid For "Fire"

From Darlington, UK comes the sounds of Jake Thomas Turnbull who has released his brand new music video for the song "Fire". Jake's simplistic vibe and mellow voice works wonders the instant you come into contact with him, and you immediately find a common ground with his musicality. Jake has been featured on the site before, and I commented on how he was a part of the British folk movement that seems to be extant in various parts of the U.K., and he is beginning to make his way across the pond in grand fashion even as we speak. What I love the most about Jake is his ability to weave simplistic melodies and relatable storylines within his music that allows the common listener to get an easy grasp on his music. It's also his British charm that makes his music all the more worthwhile, and puts him in good company among the plethora of U.K. bred singer-songwriters that are all over the map right now as we speak. A phenomenal talent that has the potential to make some waves here in the U.S.

For more on Jake Thomas Turnbull, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook over at this spot here and find out more about him via his official homepage right here, where you can also find links to stream his music as well.

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