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Boston's Own Nemes Getting Ready For Star Studded Affair w/ Arms and Ears and Box of Birds Thur.

Local indie rockers Nemes are prepping for a big local show happening this Thursday 5/18 at Great Scott in Allston along with the likes of Arms and Ears and Box of Birds to name a few. Nemes have been one of the more impressive and beautiful local acts that I've come across in quite some time, seeing the brilliant violin skills of Josh Knowles on stage really leaves me spellbound about the sheer beauty and diversity of this band. Along with the brilliant vocals and guitar of frontman Dave Anthony, this band is one to mark at the top of the list if you haven't already. I'm still stunned by this group every single day as they really bring out the best in everyone they come in contact with, and it's that ability to go up to them after a show and let them know how you affected your life that makes all the difference in the world, and just adds up to the magic and prestige of this local act. If this band has affected you like the way it has to me, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about and definitely consider bringing along a friend to experience first hand what these gents are capable of delivering musically on a nightly basis.

For more info on Thursday's show, simply click on the FB Event listing here, and don't forget to 'Like' the band here while you're there, and visit their official homepage for more in depth info at this spot here.

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