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Denton, TX Based The Polarity Releases New LP "Hurts So Good"

Denton, TX based The Polarity have just released their brand new album titled "Hurts So Good". The one-man band fronted by Taylor Hearne is starting to make some waves with this new Kickstarter funded album that sees Taylor moving in a bevy of different musical directions and avenues with a mellow, inviting voice that weaves in and out of the musical confines in an intricate way that really makes you appreciate his craft and all the hard work that he puts into it. It's hard to accurately describe which genre he specializes in as he dabbles in so many, but Taylor does a great job of putting a song in perspective for the new listener as they get settled in to find out what he is all about: a supremely gifted artist whose talent goes far beyond what is expected of him, and brings in the listener with his comforting and diverse skill set that adequately captures the creative and artistic vision that he was looming for in the studio. A great talent that is worthy of exploring for the first time right here.

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