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Boston's Own Dang Clets Release Peppy New Single "Lines"

Boston based jangle rock trio Dang Clets have released their upbeat new single "Lines". The song has a subtle, harmonic twinge to it that will put you in a musical trance, and make you want to continue listening right until the very end to get the full brunt of what the band are trying to convey to you musically. I found something very compelling about these gentlemen, and it was mostly in the way that they presented themselves musically that really made you appreciate the approach that they took to arrive at these musical destinations, and make an indelible first impression on the listener as well. The guys don't have to insert melodic outbursts that pour through every crevice of the song or try to emulate anyone else, they are more than comfortable with being themselves and in the end, that's all that matters and also the fact that they're having just as much fun making music as they are playing it live in concert. An immensely satisfying act that is worthy of exploring even further.

To check out "Lines" in its entirety, head on over to their Soundcloud site conveniently located here, and for more on Dang Clets 'Like' them on Facebook at this locale here to stay connected with all of their musical happenings.

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