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NJ Based Rockers Deaf Rhino Releases Stylish New Track "Snakeskin"

From the outskirts of New Jersey comes the intense, pounding sounds of Deaf Rhino, who have just released their stylish new single "Snakeskin". If you're not familiar with these guys just yet, you will be in due time as they have a refreshing vibe to them that is equal parts indie mixed in with a grimy, alt-rock vibe that you can't look away from, and will definitely find yourself listening multiple times over to get the full brunt of. I was unfamiliar with these guys upon first listen, and I found myself becoming intrigued with the band's ability to adhere to their own musical formula, and not delve into any unnecessary musical detours that would have otherwise compromised their musical mission greatly. These guys have a potent, unrelenting vibe to them that speaks to mind about their work ethic in the studio, and knowing where their musical treasures and good fortunes will take them around the bend. An exciting new act that is worthy of exploring even further.

For more on Deaf Rhino, 'Like' them on Facebook from this channel located here, visit their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding them, and check out "Snakeskin" now available for streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and a host of other digital streaming music platforms.

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