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Boston Based Jazz Folkie Louis Apollon Releases New Single "Butterfly" off Upcoming LP &qu

Boston reared singer-songwriter Louis Apollon has released the first taster "Butterfly" from his forthcoming studio album "Free to Be" that will be out on September 30th. The track is an easy going, mellow affair with hollowed out acoustic guitar melodies and the delightful vocals of Rose Kanj to accompany the surrounding musical foundation about. I was impressed with Louis immensely from the first note, as he has a simple way about himself that gives a no frills approach to his music that will attract scores of listeners to his tunes, and in person at his shows that presents Louis in a much different way than is presented on record. There is almost nothing not to like about Louis as he represents a genuine breed of singer songwriter that is as refreshing as a lemonade on a hot summer day, and comes across as that friendly neighbor that greets you every time you come home from work. A refreshing new talent that is definitely worthy of exploring further.

For more info on Louis Apollon, please 'Like' him on Facebook from this position here, and check out his music on Soundcloud from over here and check out his official homepage over here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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