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Surf Vietnam Announce Name Change to The Godfreys

Boston's own Surf Vietnam are undergoing a massive name renovation that you'll want to take note of. After their show at O'Brien's a few weeks ago, the band will now be known as The Godfreys. The name change reflects the band's musical evolution over the last few years, with their most recent LP "Funambulism" marking a striking shift in the band's musical paradigm that is hard to pinpoint at times, but is all the more obvious reasons as to why we fell in love with the guys in the first place. If you caught wind of their most recent single "Compelling at Times", you could clearly see that the band wanted to break free of the restrictions that were holding them back, and didn't want to be pigeonholed into one specific genre that would have otherwise confined them. By changing their name, the group are positioning themselves into having a longer lasting career where the band are free to dabble and bounce creative ideas more freely than ever before, and have a greater precision as to getting their musical message across and ensuring that the audience is enjoying themselves as much as the band are.

For more on The Godfreys, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out their music on Bandcamp via this locale right here. The band has a busy August lined up, with shows plotted out for Midway Cafe in JP, Great Scott, and The Mid East Downstairs as well.

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