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Newly Formed LA Electro Pop Duo Hotel Sex Are Primed To "Explode" With New Video

Based from the outskirts of Los Angeles comes the vivacious electro pop sounds of Hotel Sex, who just released her edgy and creative music video for the song "Explode". The clip features beautiful women transcribed upon a monochromatic background that enhances the visual environment around to a great degree, and makes the clip that much more palpable and visually appealing to the naked eye. I listen to electro-pop off an on in my spare time, and what really struck me about this clip was how it was off beat and totally off the reservation, and had a certain oddball characteristic to it that made me continue watching until the very end to see how it all unfolds. It's not too often that I'm entranced by something so visually appealing that I'm viewing the whole clip in its entirety, but that's exactly what happened with Hotel Sex and am sure countless others will be intrigued by what they see in this clip as well.

For more on Hotel Sex, 'Like' her on Facebook from right here, follow her on Twitter over here and check out her official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding her.


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