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Stonington, CT's own Jesse Terry Gearing Up For Club Passim Show Tomorrow Night 8/16

Based out of Stonington, CT comes the singer-songwriter vibes of Jesse Terry, who will be playing Club Passim in Harvard Square, Cambridge tomorrow night 8/16. Jesse is touring on the heels of his brand new single "Woken The Wildflowers" off his forthcoming album Stargazer. When you listen to Jesse for the first time, you're immediately entranced by his musical presence that is equal parts comforting and riveting. I definitely found a quite calm and peace when I listened to Jesse, and followed his musical path that seems to be taking us deeper into his psyche where we learn how he conjures up such musical majesty eloquently displayed right in front of you. If you haven't been to Club Passim, please do so as I attended a show there several years ago and it's quite a unique environment to check out music in that you're watching from your table all while eating food, providing for the perfect environment for the singer-songwriter to flourish and maintain their musical stance.

To take a listen to "Woken The Wildflowers", it's available for streaming on his Soundcloud page over here and for more on Jesse Terry, please 'Like' him on Facebook over at this channel here, and check out his official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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