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2017 Bands of Summer Photo Special Round 2

Rounding out the summer with another helping of shirtless bods in my Bands of Summer photo special! Since 2014, we've featured scores of bands who are not ashamed with showing off their upper torsos that definitely elicits a positive reaction from the crowd that have gathered before in front of them. As we wrap up the special for the summer, we have a few more salivating entries that will definitely make you appreciate the musicians that much more not just for the music, but for their ability to bare some skin and see a different side of them that evokes the warm and carefree spirits that they are in real life. Plus, we have a special honorable mention that is worthy of scrolling all the way to the bottom for. Without further ado, here are some more topless entries:

Matt Callas (Glass Caves)

Starting things off with this delectable entry from Matt Callas, frontman for the British indie rock outfit Glass Caves. The band have been hitting the pavement hard over the last few years, with their blend of indie rhythms that have made them a growing attraction in the U.K., but are largely unknown here in the States. They will definitely be more well known after this steamy picture of Matt makes its way across the interwebs. Matt has all the charisma and good looks to set him to go a long way in this business, with his massively beautiful locks, slim bod that will have you on the verge of arousal almost instantaneously, and his delightful British charm and swooning accent that will have you imagining you cozing up to him right as we speak.

Alex Kaufman (Light Warriors)

Photo Credit: Sean McGlynn

Another installment in this series belongs to Alex Kaufman, drummer for the NYC based indie collective Light Warriors. Drummers in general bring a lot of energy and suaveness to a band, and almost always during that time they work up a sweat which escalates to where the drummer will strip it off midset to feel more comfortable. Alex is definitely a follower of that movement in this amazing pic taken from a show last year. Alex is an insanely good looking individual, and the blue stagelights do a great job of accentuating his features, including his slim torso where your eyes will immediately jump out of your socket for the immense beauty staring right in front of you.

Derek Thomas (Vista Kicks)

Photo Credit: Hannah Drake Photography

We continue to bring the heat, this time from California with this delectable pic from Derek Thomas, frontman for the LA based rock outfit Vista Kicks. Anytime bands get hot and sweaty on stage, it becomes a real treat for audience members and concertgoers as it makes the concert experience that much more enjoyable for the listener, and this pic taken from a show in NYC this past March shows the band's intense dislike for shirts. The whole band performed shirtless on stage, with a bevy of hot and exposed flesh that made people salivate, and some hot and perky nips making its way out in the open that you see proudly displayed above. Vista Kicks know exactly what turns the audience on and what buttons to press to make the listener pay attention.

King Washington

California continues to bless us with some more half naked guys from the Golden State with this number from the alt-rockers King Washington. The group consists of Tyson Kelly on vocals and guitar, George Krikes on vocals and guitar, and Billy Lee on vocals and bass, and they all share equal responsibility of making their songs sizzle right out of the gate, and make sure that they're affecting the listener in the way they intended. With this pic taken for the cover art of their most recent album "Potential", the band have no qualms about baring their skin to all those who bear witness. The guys are ridiculously handsome creatures who really seek to share their essence with everyone, and invite listeners to hop into the musical waters with them.

Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball Team

For this year's honorable mention that is non music related, this steamy number brought forth by the University of Wisconsin Men's Basketball team seeks to ignite a five alarm fire deep inside of you that can't possibly be contained. The team have been posting annual shirtless photos over the last few years, designed to show everyone the progress that they've made working out in the weight room as they gear up for the forthcoming season. As you can see, fans are definitely getting their money's worth in what they pay for season tickets to see these studs expose their ripped bods and beefy pecs that will drive everyone around mad with delight that they're witnessing such majestic delights right in front of them.

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