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Boston Based Erica Leigh Is "Calling All Survivors" in Uplifting Vid

Boston based singer-songwriter Erica Leigh has released a touching and uplifting music video designed to give you hope and strength in times of need for the tune, "Calling All Survivors". The clip is a very personal one for Erica, as it really is a harrowing story of coming back from the brink, and having music save your life on the way back. Erica was diagnosed with cancer on the same day her debut album came out, and in the process she almost lost her singing voice permanently. To almost lose your entire musical gift is quite a frightening and shocking experience, but Erica persevered and is currently in remission and is gearing up to work on a new album as well. To have music save you while on the brink is a pretty incredible feeling, and in this stunning video she enlists the help of a slew of fellow Boston musicians to come together in unison and harmony for this stunning clip that will leave no dry eyes in the house for sure. A stunning vid that is worthy of stopping everything you're doing right now to devote some time to witness this truly special moment.

For more on Erica Leigh, please 'Like' her on Facebook from this perch here, and check out her official website located over here for more in depth info surrounding her, including links to stream her music.


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