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Milwaukee Dream Poppers GGOOLLDD Find Their Footing In New Tune "Excelsior Springs"

Photo Credit: Jess Farran Photography

From the home state of cheese and the Green Bay Packers comes the delightful sounds of Milwaukee dream poppers GGOOLLDD who have released their new single "Excelsior Springs" off their forthcoming EP titled Teeth. This song will hit you like a ton of bricks when you first listen to it, and it's like the feeling of when you first fall in love with that special someone and knowing where you were when you first saw them. I was enthralled from first listen from the group, and they really have a simplistic and stylized tone that really makes you appreciate the group wholeheartedly from the start, and keeps them in mind as new material is being released. There is a certain kind of buzz and aura surrounding this group that can't be adequately explained, so when you check them out please keep in mind that you'll be listening to them repeatedly as they have that charm and immensely high likability factor that you won't turn away from.

To check out "Excelsior Springs", it's now available for streaming on Soundcloud over here and for more on GGOOLLDD, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this point here, follow them on Twitter from right here, and visit their official homepage for more in depth info from right over here.

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