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Local Newcomers Andrew DiMarzo Trio Release Captivating New Single "When I'm With You"

Newcomers to the Boston music scene, Andrew DiMarzo Trio have released their brand new single titled "When I'm With You". The song seeks to take you away from your present surroundings, and transport you into a lush, musical paradise where you're firmly at bay and there's absolutely nothing to worry about in back of you. Consisting of Andrew DiMarzo on guitar and vocals, Steven Viol on drums, Tancredi Lo Cigno on drums, and Achal Murthy on bass, the group have a pleasant and easy going way about them with elements of soul music interspersed throughout to give their music a full bodied feel that you'll definitely won't want to turn away from whatsoever. I loved the group from the first note, and they really seem to have a full grasp of who they want to be as musicians, and where they want their musical path to take them moving forward. There is a great deal and plenty to be desired from the guys, and it's most certainly worth your while to escape with these gents as they definitely have the musical pedigree to carry themselves a long way.

To check out "When I'm With You" for yourself, it's available for streaming on their Bandcamp page over here and for more on Andrew DiMarzo Trio, please 'Like' them on Facebook from over here and check out their official website at this spot here for more in depth info about the fellas.

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