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Interview w/ London Alt Rockers Plastic Barricades

Spend some time getting acquainted with London based alt rockers Plastic Barricades. These guys will certainly make for a welcome addition to your playlist with their inventive musical style featuring colorful melodic interludes, and a wonderful way of putting the song in perspective for the listener who will almost make a connection right then and there. Lead vocalist Dan Kert was nice enough to do an interview across the pond as we find out more about them, their experiences getting started in London, what their creative process is like, and how their British upbringing has shaped them. Here is the full transcript from our lovely chat:

Give us your names and roles in the band?

Plastic Barricades are Dan Kert (vocals, guitars), Daniele Borgato (bass) and Frazer Webster (drums).

Take us behind the formation of the group and how you all met?

The current line-up with Dani on bass and Frazer on drums is active for about 4 years. I've been scouting for musicians and stumbled upon ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), where these guys were studying.

Describe your musical influences that really made you want to get into music?

We all have very different music tastes. For example, Daniele loves Led Zep and 70s rock, Frazer is keen on Snarky Puppy and the fusion scene, I am deeply into Biffy Clyro, The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, Two Door Cinema Club and etc. But I grew up with Nirvana so will always consider myself "the grunge kid".

What were some influential British groups that really helped shape or hone your sound?

Oasis, Coldplay and Muse were featured in my mix tapes and playlists since i was a teenager, accompanied by Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, Milburn, Keane and the rest. Britain always had a lot of good honest music on offer.

What is the creative process like for you guys, does it remain constant or does it change and evolve each time?

We do like to experiment with ways we approach creating music. Some of the songs off "Mechanics of Life" LP were written during a jam and later honed into some coherent form. But most of the time it is a chord progression, vocal melody and lyrics that come first. And each song has a title way before it is translated into music - so we know what thought or concept we are dealing with.

Let's go behind the recording of your new album "Mechanics of Life" and what the whole process was like for the each of you?

The whole process took us almost 3 years, it was an exploration, a way to understand ourselves better and to figure out what is this exact thing we want to say. Guitars, vocals and keys were all recorded in our own Shed Studio, the rest was done in several studios around London. We've got to meet some amazing people along the way, who really helped us get the sounds out of our heads and onto the record. The diversity of the songs made it tricky to get the sounds right straight off the bat, so it took a bit of experimenting and some cool vintage gear. Drums, as always, are the most difficult to get right, but we were lucky to work with Ian and Jonny from Resident Studios, who's exceptional skills and knowledge made the whole process much less painful.

What are some of your favorite places to play in the UK area?

London is always fun to play, because you never know how chaotic it can be. All the basements were once famous venues with long lists of legendary artists who played there, so the vibe is still present. But there is also something truly magical about playing in Wales - people are just welcoming and enthusiastic and caring.

Any new bands or new songs you've been listening to lately that you've been really digging?

I only recently discovered a band called Death Cab for Cutie, who blew me away with their originality and depth, I am listening to them on repeat lately.

What's next on the agenda for you guys, and could we expect any U.S. shows in the not too distant future?

We are touring UK till the end of October and then plan to spend the end of the year working on LP nr 2. Tours will continue next year, we do have some connections and options in USA, so hopefully this dream will come true shortly.

Lastly, what would you like fans to know about you?

Here is how a goldfish can conquer the world:

"Mechanics of Life" album OUT NOW iTunes and Spotify!

Thanks once again to Dan for being so awesome in doing this interview! You really get a strong sense about the guys from the get go, and since they're constantly evolving you'll definitely find plenty more to be desired as time rolls along. For more on Plastic Barricades, please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this locale here, and find out more on the lads via their official website conveniently located here.

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