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Hull, UK's The Hubbards Return With 2nd Half of Double Single, "Easy Go"

Hull, UK indie rockers The Hubbards are back with their second half of their double single released a few months back, "Easy Go". The first part of the single "Body Confident" was a more upbeat affair, with dazzling rhythms and an upbeat perspective that put these guys on the radar right there and then. On the "Easy Go" single, the song is a more toned down, emotional experience where a different side of the group is unwrapped, and is a complete revelation to hear unfold right before you. I was positively stunned the moment I heard the other side of the single, and really shows off a two faceted side of the group that we've been waiting to experience firsthand for some time now. I was sold from the moment I heard the other side of the single, and both songs really show a huge leap forward for the group that is really starting to make an indelible first impression on listeners from all over the map. An incredible double single that is worth listening back-to-back.

To take a listen to "Easy Go" and "Body Confident", they're both available on most streaming platforms, and for more on The Hubbards please 'Like' them on Facebook via this channel here, and check out their official homepage for more in depth info surrounding the best mates from over here.

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