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Boston's Pride and Joy Air Traffic Controller Set For Reykjavik Calling Concert @ The Paradise T

Boston based collective Air Traffic Controller are gearing to take part in the annual Reykjavik Calling concert, which will be held at a new location this year over at The Paradise in Boston this Fri. 3/9 after taking place at the Mid East Downstairs the last few years. The annual festival pairs acts from Iceland with acts from the local scene to offer up a cultural appreciation for Iceland and all things associated with it, including some of their famed vodka drinks, and enjoying the sounds of this year's lineup which includes JFDR and Sturla Atlas. I've had the opportunity and privilege of attending the last few years, and it's been an incredibly worthwhile experience to see the crowd come together to develop an attachment to these acts that are incredibly diverse, and all bring something from their native land to the masses right here in Boston. Having covered Air Traffic Controller multiple times over on the site, they are a joy to watch unfold live and define the indie pop dreamscape when it comes to the great acts that have come out of the New England region over the last few years. Definitely make it your mission to check out all these acts over at The Dise to jump start your weekend!

For more on the Reykjavik Calling concert and the Taste of Iceland festival, head on over to their official website over here, and RSVP via the FB Event listing conveniently located right here.

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