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Interview w/ Altoona, PA Pop-Punkers Post Season

Starting things off right today with an interview featuring Altoona, PA pop-punkers Post Season. These fellas are starting to gain some traction and steam with their forthcoming self-titled album slated to drop on July 13. The band have already been exposed to countless fans while getting their feet wet with State Champs, Knuckle Puck, and Head North to name a few out on tour. Lead vocalist Dan Tippery was rad enough to take us behind the origin of Post Season, how the members all met, their individual influences that make up their sound, their experiences recording their upcoming record, and how living in different cities has helped bring them closer. Here is the transcript from our chat:

Give us your names and roles in the band?

Daniel - Vocalist

Chuck - Bass, Vocalist

Canyon - Lead Guitar

Bryan - Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist

Conor - Drums

Take us behind the origins of Post Season and how you all met?

Daniel's old band played with Conor's and Bryan's old band. Chuck booked a house show for Post Season on our first tour. Canyon recorded the first demo for the band and had played shows with Daniel's old band as a fill in / Played with his band at the time as well. Everything fell in line at one point or another and we've all been together and at it for around 4 years now!

Who were the bands that inspired you when you were young and made you want to start a band?

We kinda all grew up on wildly different styles of music. Bands like Pennywise, NOFX, Bright Eyes, Mayday Parade, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, Lifetime, Eagles, Rage Against the Machine, Johnny Cash, Korn, Reliant K, Metallica, & A lot of local legend bands that friends were in growing up... This list could go on forever.

How influential were other pop-punks such as The Starting Line from your home state in honing your sound?

Everyone loves The Starting Line and Valencia and bands like that. But, I feel like you can tell where a band is from off of their sound so I can see how that could shine through on us. Haha!

Take us behind your creative process and how you guys usually go about writing your music?

Every song is different. Some songs start as just lyrics or a melody and some as just a riff. We've got together and created. We've also emailed parts to one another and created that way. There's not really a process per say we just let it happen.

Let's go behind the making of your upcoming self-titled record, what was the process like and are you satisfied with the finished product?

We all live in different areas and/or states. So the writing just kind of happened randomly but we knew we wanted to work with Paul Leavitt. We had worked with him in the past and loved the results. We spent a month in the studio making sure we were happy with everything. Working with Paul was great and super relaxed. After recording we reached out to Know Hope Records and decided to team up on the release. We brought in our friend J-Graz on graphic design for the album art / shirt designs. All in all we couldn't be happier with the results and can't wait for y'all to get your ears on it!

What is your favorite song off the new record that you're most proud of?

The closer on the album "Fracture" is one of our personal favorites.

Besides music, what do you guys like to do for fun and leisure in your spare time?

For most of us, Music is really what we do when we aren't focusing on Post Season whether that be playing in other projects, touring with friends bands or even working on preproduction with other artist. Some of us skateboard and do art, some of us play retro video games fairly often.

Where can people find out more info about you online? or any of our social media pages. We are always posting something or another!

Lastly, how close have you guys become since forming this group?

Hahaha geographically, distant! seeing as all of us live in either different cities or states now spanning from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. But I would say we are very close to one another as family. We all have each other's back through and through!

Thanks once again to Dan for being so generous in his time for doing this interview. It's really awe inspiring to hear how 100% dedicated they are to their craft, and spend most of their free time focusing on nothing else but music. That's the true pedigree of what a band is like hitting the pavement day in and day out. For more on Post Season, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this locale here, and follow the fellas on Twitter from right here.

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