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2018 Bands of Summer Photo Special

With the mercury rising, it's time to feast your eyes on some exposed skin and see musicians bare all in my annual Bands of Summer shirtless photo special! An annual rite of passage here on the site over the last few years, this special is designed for fans to catch a glimpse of musicians that we don't get to see too often, and leads to a deeper appreciation of them for their willingness to show fans what they look like underneath their clothes. This year's crop of musicians all have an extra spark, including an honorable non-musical mention, and perhaps the most revealing photo in the history of the Bands of Summer Special at the very bottom. (CAUTION: NSFW) And without further ado, here are this year's Bands of Summer participants:

Vista Kicks

Starting off the list is Sacramento's own Vista Kicks. The band are currently in the studio working on their follow up to their debut LP "Booty Shaker's Ball", and the band have made it a habit of peeling off their shirts during and after a concert. This candid shot taken after one of their shows will most certainly raise your arousal level, and make you appreciate the guys even more for their willingness to show off their upper torsos. Pictured from left to right are: Sam Plecker, Derek Thomas, Nolan LeVine, and Trevor Sutton. These guys have an unrelenting swagger and confidence to them that makes them feel uninhibited, and gives fans what they ask for in return.

Michael Cunniff (guitarist, Boston Manor)

Handsome lad alert! Another entry onto this list is Michael Cunniff, guitarist for the Blackpool UK based Boston Manor. The guys have become one of the preeminent forces in the British music scene and their most recent release "Be Nothing" established their arrival in the U.S. and elsewhere. Mike is definitely a handsome chap for sure, and stands out for his charm and candor, tattoos, plus his delightful British accent would make anyone left and right swoon head over heels and get up close and personal with this bloke from across the pond.

Ben Schneid (Foxtrax)

An entry from a band you're probably not too familiar with: frontman Ben Schneid of the NYC indie trio Foxtrax. This pic will definitely leave you wanting more, and might melt your computer screen in the process just simply by looking at it. Foxtrax are definitely an energetic and fast paced group, and one thing that always happens in that hot environment is that it usually leads to beautiful sights seen from up above. This shot taken from a show about a year ago sees Ben performing shirtless much to the delight of the crowd in attendance. There is no shortage of pleasure and enjoyment in this as Ben gives in to the audience's desires, and just has a blast reveling in the moment.

Tristan Lake Leabu

Up and coming musician/actor Tristan Lake Leabu is one that you'll certainly be seeking out after you take in the sheer beauty of this photo up above. Tristan is a man who wears many hats, both figuratively and literally as you see from the ridiculously sexy cowboy hat he adorns in this photo. In addition to his talents as a musician, he is also a soap actor on "The Young and The Restless", while also taking a foray into modeling. This photo taken from a recent test shoot he did shows how ridiculously good looking he is, with his sizzling bod and his ability to make love to the camera will definitely make you want to fantasize about him.

Kevin McCarthy (top) & Peter Bailey-Wells (bottom) - Illini Drive radio show

Part of the magic of doing radio shows is that you don't have to worry about how you look since people can't see you anyway. The game has changed dramatically with the advent of Facebook Live and whatnot, and sometimes that can lead you to do some quick thinking on the fly. Kevin McCarthy and Peter Bailey-Wells, former students at the University of Illinois had to do just that one day when the AC broke before doing their college sports radio show, and they decided to do the entire show shirtless as you see from the pics above. Score some points for the fellas for their ingenuity and quick thinking for looking really good in the process, plus their perky nips and sweaty bods will definitely make you appreciate them for their sex appeal!

Sweet Cambodia (pictured left to right: Savvy Savedra, Eric Charles, & Donny Fusion)

And now for the most revealing photo ever in the history of this special: Making a return appearance in the Bands of Summer special is none other than Orlando, FL funk rock outfit Sweet Cambodia. The guys are well known for their energetic live performances, which usually result in the guys performing half naked most of the time. This above pic takes the hotness to a whole new level, as the guys bare all with little more than a fanny pack, guitar, and hat covering their genitalia. Although if you look closely far left, you can see Savvy's pubes stick out which pushes the envelope and arousal level so high that they can't be contained. There won't be a person on earth who isn't turned on by this photo, and shows the guys as the sex gods they truly are.

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