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Manchester, UK's A Band Called Jack Stun Listeners on New Single "Voices"

Manchester, UK's own A Band Called Jack wow listeners on their brand new single titled "Voices". The song is a throwback to early 80's Brit rock, but with the group's own sophistication and musical identity to forge upon. I was enthralled from the first note, and I saw a great deal of potential and musical depth that the band were on the cusp of achieving. I featured these guys on the site last year, and I remarked at how this wouldn't be the last time the guys would be featured on the site as they have that lasting power and ability to adapt their sound to fit the musical message that they are sending out. Their strength and musical pedigree is reflected in their upbringing in Manchester, and with England's success in the World Cup this year there is no better representation from that country than A Band Called Jack who have a truly special musical gift to pass along to people from all over. A stunning track that is worthy of exploring right now.

To take a listen to "Voices", it's available for streaming on their Soundcloud page right here and for more on A Band Called Jack, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this channel here to stay connected to everything going on in their world.

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