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Local Indies Andrew DiMarzo Trio Set To Play w/ Toledo at Mid East Upstairs on 7/24

Local indie collective Andrew DiMarzo Trio is gearing up for a big local show happening this coming Tuesday 7/24 over at The Mid East Upstairs where they'll be playing a bill alongside local headliners Toledo. The trio have been featured on the site before, and they have an indie rock component with elements of soul thrown in to give Andrew and company a definitive swagger that makes them a site to behold and one that is best experienced in person. What really struck me about the trio was their ability to create a musical identity about themselves that is entirely their own creation. They aren't try to emulate anyone else but themselves, and that's a sure sign of the lasting power of a local act is their ability for looking deep inside of themselves for inspiration, and present themselves to a captive audience who will welcome them with open ears and reciprocate that same love, passion, and energy of music that they have. A tremendous local act that is worthy of exploring even further.

For more info on Tuesday's show and to RSVP and buy tickets, click on the FB Event listing here and for more on Andrew DiMarzo Trio, 'Like' them on Facebook from this window here, and check out their official website at this spot here for more in depth info regarding them, including links to stream their music also.

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