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Round 2 of 2018's MusicBoxPete "Bands of Summer" Shirtless Photo Spread

With the heat wave enveloping most of the country and New England, it's time to draw summer to a close with another dose of hot bods in MusicBoxPete's annual "Bands of Summer" shirtless photo spread. This year's dose is a heaping one, featuring loads of exposed skin that will make you crave for these musicians even more, and draw fond memories of it in the process that will last a lifetime. This year's second round of the special includes the annual shirtless spread from the University of Wisconsin's men's basketball team, and a exceptionally revealing photo from The Nude Party. (CAUTION: NSFW) Without further ado, here is the 2nd entry of this year's Bands of Summer spread:

Smack Dat Brass (L to R: Connor Lofdahl, Matthew Hogan, and Matthew Murphy)

(Pictured below: Jacob Nickerson and Steve Li)

There's nothing more warm and inviting than a brass outfit who knows how to rock it, and Concord, MA's own Smack Dat Brass definitely gave fans something to remember that they won't soon forget. The group performed at IQH Fest back in 2016 at Concord Carlisle High School where they once attended, and during their performance of "Somos Los Chicos Calientes" which loosely translated means "We Are The Hot Boys", they stripped off their Hawaiian styled print shirts, and threw them into the crowd resulting in these beautiful photos you see above. There's nothing more erotic than seeing a half naked brass outfit, and seeing Matthew Hogan playing sax with his exposed chest standing out prominently makes for one tantalizing photo.

The Nude Party

Boone, NC's The Nude Party are an outfit that is tailor made for this shirtless photo compilation. They describe themselves as rock n' roll boner pop, and you'll definitely get an erection after viewing this photo from a live performance they did for Sun Bum suntan lotion down in Florida, where the band stripped down and played entirely nude for those that were lucky enough to be in attendance. There were definitely a plethora of genitalia peeking out, along with the appearance of some bare butts you see above that pushes freedom of expression way past the limit. A band that are completely uninhibited and unapologetic in showing their goods to the audience leaves me with a ton of respect for these handsomely talented gents.

Devon Pinto

A face you may recognize from appearing as a contestant on Survivor last season, Devon Pinto also dabbles in music with his group called Devon & The Doo. Devon is a exceptionally talented and gifted individual whom I had the chance to interview on my podcast a couple of months ago, but one thing that's hard to ignore is how incredibly attractive he is as you can tell from this dazzling photo that you see above. Born and raised in Carlsbad, CA Devon is constantly basking in the sun surfing, practicing yoga, and living a healthy lifestyle which includes being shirtless all the time. Plenty of people will have crushes on Devon, who evokes the warmth and spirit of everything that California has to offer.

Dead Trains (L to R: Matt Axten, Steve Olson, and Nathan Keyes)

A Boston based trio making their first appearance in the Bands of Summer special is none other than Dead Trains. You may be intimately familiar with the group, who have been featured multiple times on the site and have a distinct punk-blues hybrid that you won't find anywhere else. Drummer Steve Olson pictured in the center of the photo usually has a hard time wearing his shirt to begin with as he is usually drenched in sweat with his ferocious drum playing. The other members of the group sandwiched in between him Matt Axten and Nathan Keyes decided to join Steve for some topless camaraderie, and join in on this fun photo that shows how much fun the trio have being in each others' company.

University of Wisconsin Men's Basketball Team

Closing out our special is none other than the University of Wisconsin Men's Basketball Team. You may remember the fellas who were on the special last year, and have come back with their annual shirtless team photo that they post every year on their social media pages. There is no shortage of chiseled abs and swollen biceps that would make any person wild and make their eyes pop and heart beat a little faster. Any Badgers season ticket holder looking at this would definitely be thrilled in knowing that their hard earned money is being spent on these studs getting fit, and looking to improve from last year and maintain their competitive advantage and show a little intimidation to opposing teams by flexing their muscles proudly.

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