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Salem, MA's Own Radio Compass Release Smashing New EP "...For A Girl"

Salem, MA based outfit Radio Compass are riding the wave with the recent release of their brand new EP "...For A Girl". The collection is a raw and unflinching blend of punk and alt rock conjured upon one streamlined approach that really makes you approach the outfit straight from the get go. The trio consists of Angela Lee, Jill Rogers-Jensen, and Kerry (Myra) Lee. The group have a mystical element associated with them that is reflective of their upbringing in Salem, a town most associated with witches and all things associated with Halloween. I remember featuring the band on my site a few years back, and I marveled at how the group kept it simple and didn't attach any frills whatsoever to their music, keeping things fresh and in perspective for the listener. On their new EP, the group are evolving greatly but are still maintaining the same creative approach that made them so successful from the start. An incredible local act that is worthy of checking out for the first time.

To check out "...For A Girl" in its entirety, it's now available for streaming on Bandcamp right over here, and for more on Radio Compass please 'Like' them on Facebook at this spot here, and get more in depth info about the collective via their official website conveniently located here.

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