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Rhode Island's Margeaux Sippell Invites You Into Her "Trap Door Heart" On New EP

Boston based Margeaux Sippell has released her debut EP titled "Trap Door Heart". The collection is a gentle, breezy affair coupled with Margeaux's innate ability to weave melody into her simply structured tunes with earthy acoustic guitar elements that ease the listener right into her sanctuary. Originally from Rhode Island but now based in Los Angeles, Margeaux spent some time here in Boston where she used to work for The Boston Globe as a journalist, and has since moved back to LA where she works for Variety. It's interesting that I'm writing about a journalist/musician seeing as that we both have parallel careers in a sense, but what's most intriguing about Margeaux is how the music accurately reflects her personality and her being as a whole. You really begin to develop an impression of Margeaux just by hearing her sing, and she really evokes the stylings of a folk-pop songstress coming into her own musically. A terrific talent that is worthy of diving into head first.

To check out "Trap Door Heart" in its entirety, it's now available for streaming on Bandcamp at this link here, and on Spotify over here. and for more on Margeaux please follow her on Twitter from this locale here, and check out her Instagram feed at this spot here to get a sense of what's going on in her world.

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