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Interview w/ Melbourne, Australia Indie Heartthrob Didirri

Check out my interview w/ Melbourne, Australia based indie songwriter Didirri. With his majestically beautiful long hair and swooning good looks, Didirri has been gaining fans from all over with his innate ability to communicate directly with the listener on an intimate level, and allow fans to feel and channel his emotions solely through him. He has been drawing praise and comparisons to Jeff Buckley for his deeply emotive storytelling that has been garnering fans from all across the globe, and one that will leave a lasting impression on you for some time to come. Didirri took some time while overseas to talk a bit about his upbringing in Australia, how music impacted him at a early age, his earliest memory of listening to music and how it's continued to shape him to this day, the music scene in Australia, plus he gives his experiences recording his debut EP "Measurements", and talks about how excited he is to play in Boston on Nov. 30 as part of SoFar Sounds. Without further ado, here is my interview with Didirri:

Give us your name and where you're originally from?

Didirri, from Warrnambool, Victoria in Australia.

How big of a role does music play in your life right now?

It is what I live and breathe. What I dream about, what I planned for and what I plan for.

Take us behind your interest in music and how you stumbled across it?

It is an absolute cliche but it has always been there, I don’t think I stumbled upon anything. All I stumbled upon was the right way to express myself. Honestly. That was the only way for me.

What is your earliest memory of listening to music when you were younger and how did it leave an impact on you?

Listening to ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ in the back of the car with my father on tour. It’s only hit me that you could write about anything for any reason. You can express yourself through writing with someone else or through writing alone.

How big of a music scene exists in Australia and what genres of music are most popular in the land Down Under?

The music scene is huge in Australia, just like any other major market, they listen to everything. There is enough people for a niche to thrive amongst it all.

What kind of environment you best thrive in when writing?

I am constantly writing, and try not to let environment Affect that as much as possible. But when I’m in full steam I think just a space for me to clear my head.

Describe the backstory of “I Can’t Get Last Night Out of Your Head” and the concept behind the music video for it?

I had a chronic illness for quite some time, at the end of my time with said Illness I was suddenly cured. This suddenness meant that I could go out into the world with a fresh perspective. I wanted the music video to be raw and real, I wanted to be about seeing the world through a new lens.

Take us behind the recording of your latest EP “Measurements” and what the whole process was like to put it all together?

My producer and I both have a love for folly. When in the studio we really like to find sounds rather than create them if that makes any sense. Lots and lots of experimentation and lots and lots of failure before settling into a sound.

How excited are you to play in Boston on 11/30 and what are you most looking forward to experiencing in the city?

I can’t wait to put my feet on solid ground in Boston. Not only is it one of my favourite accent but from all accounts I’m going to really enjoy the people as well. I’m just excited to show people what I do.

What is a typical day off for you like, any fun activities you like to do in your downtime?

Day off? Sorry? I knit when I get down time. It’s good meditation.

What’s coming up next after tour, any new music we can expect to hear sometime soon?

Album time! Look out. I am so excited.

How can fans find out more info about you online?

Thanks once again to Didirri for being so gracious in his time for doing this interview. I've definitely connected with him throughout the course of this interview as if he was actually in the room with me, and that's something that's very central and unique with his mystique and ability to make him feel like he's a central part of your life and the sole focal point on any given day. A marvelous talent that needs to be heard immediately! For more on Didirri, 'Like' him on Facebook from over here, follow him on Twitter at this spot here, and peep his Instagram feed right here for some handsome shots of him. In addition to his aforementioned website above, check out his music now available on most major streaming platforms.

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