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Boston's Own Johnnie Gilmore Is The "Salt of The Earth" On His Debut Release

Photo Credit: John Ra

Boston based but currently living out in LA, bass player and songwriter Johnnie Gilmore has just released his debut album called "Salt of The Earth". Johnnie has a simple structured style to him, with his experience on bass adds a great deal of sophistication and depth to his already well diverse musical repertoire. I was really impressed with Johnnie's skills, and adding in bass to the mix definitely makes him stand out in an immensely crowded field already, with most singer songwriters going the old style route with acoustic guitars. Johnnie doesn't have to do that, and instead finds solace in his comfort zone where he excels at knowing what suits him best, and what the audience will gravitate towards as well. An intriguing talent that definitely needs repeated listens to fully appreciate his sound.

For more on Johnnie Gilmore, please 'Like' him on Facebook from this channel here, and to check out "Salt of The Earth" in full, it's available on CD Baby over here, and is on most major streaming outlets as well.

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