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Austin, TX Based Collin Russell Mullins Gets "All In Your Head" and "Wish You Were My

Austin, TX native Collin Russell Mullins has exploded on the scene with his two brand new singles released just last week titled "All In Your Head" and "Wish You Were My Lover". Collin is a phenomenal talent who demonstrates his worth almost immediately on the former track that has a high velocity melodic charge that you can dig right from the start. Collin also has a vivid personality from the outset that matches the musical colors that are omnipresent upon first listen. On his latter single, Collin gets more personal and direct, while still maintaining the melodic explosiveness of his prior single. It's astounding how talented and creative Collin is, and hearing these upbeat melodies within really shows off his talents as a burgeoning singer-songwriter who goes about things a little bit differently than other respective artists of his genre. A true talent that is worthy of discovering first hand.

To check out "All in Your Head", it's available on Soundcloud here, and to discover "Wish You Were My Lover", it's also on Soundcloud at this link here. For more on Collin Russell Mullins, please 'Like' him on Facebook from this locale here, and get even more on him via his official website located over here.

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