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Boston's Aloud Stuns And Enchants Listeners On New Single "Son Of The Dharma"

Formerly from Boston but now making their way in Los Angeles, Aloud have just dropped their stunning and anthemic new single "Son Of The Dharma". The rock n roll outfit fronted by Jen de la Osa have a funky hook attached to their mainframe that you'll definitely be caught on by, and they have this easily accessible sound where you pick up on other genres and influences along the way that make up their mainframe. I've featured this band on the site a couple of times before, and I've always been markedly impressed by their talent and their willingness to go the extra route when it comes to making a lasting impression their fans. Their ability to change tempos on a dime, and incorporate different musical elements from other genres has really made this band a hallmark and staple of Boston even though they're now on the West Coast.

To check out "Son of The Dharma" for yourself, it's available for streaming on most major streaming providers, and for more on Aloud please 'Like' them on Facebook via this locale here, follow them on Twitter right here, and check out their official website at this junction here for more info surrounding them.

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