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Sofia Evangelina Impresses With "This Is Your Song"

16 year old, Canadian born Sofia Evangelina has just released "This Is Your Song". A strikingly refreshing track to hear from such a young gifted artist. Sofia who clearly likes to take her own path has gone against the status quo with this release and she has carved a strong mature song which is sure to cause excitement across her fast growing fan base.

"This Is Your Song" is a fine example of how versatile Sofia Evangelina can be as a musician. That being said, Sofia also previously released a stand out cover album which took her to a new level within the music industry. Since her first album, Sofia has stepped it up even further. Although this original release was a long time coming, it was well worth the wait. Furthermore, having listened to this track several times, it is difficult to get this song out of your head and it leaves you with an aching desire to listen again.

"You Are Important And One Of A Kind" really symbolises the tracks motive. Sofia has designed the song to make you feel optimistic and it cannot be doubted that this release is for all those who may be going through a challenging period in their lives. With every vocal Sofia delivers, you cannot help but sense yourself getting closer to Sofia. Relatable lyrics are all so important for music fans and it is clear to see that thousands will be able to relate to this new release from multitalented Sofia.

Sofia Evangelina is getting ready to embark on a tour in 2019 across the United States and we can be certain that this track will be echoed around those venues for a long time.

Sofia Evangelina Links If you are keen to check out this release be sure to watch the official music video on YouTube. You can also find Sofia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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