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Locals Orson & The Rosebuds Are Feeling "Immortal" On New Single

Boston indie collective Orson & The Rosebuds are making alot of people smile today (myself included), with their brand new single titled "Immortal". The song is an upbeat slice of heaven, with catchy and indelible rhythms running amok, and a feel good vibe that will definitely make you want to dance along spontaneously at every turn. The group is composed of Tessa Berliner on vocals, Nick Smith on drums, Christian DeKnatel on rhythm guitar, and Tim Orth on bass. The song is written by Matt Wikstrom, a close friend of mine and leader of the NU Doghouse whom you may remember from the interview I did a couple of months ago. This song is very personal for him, as it was written at a time when he was feeling a little down and a bit unsure of himself as to what direction he should head in. Matt is able to take all of his innermost emotions, and parlay them onto a musical canvas that is brimming with life and positivity that is undeniably infectious, and really makes you gravitate towards the group almost immediately. The song tells its listeners that uniqueness gives them power, as Tessa sings: “Let’s make some noise because tonight we are Immortal”. I'm so proud of Matt and everything that Orson & The Rosebuds have accomplished, and this is my early pick for the top song of the year and one that will almost certainly have a lasting impact on you for some time to come.

To check out "Immortal" for yourself, it's available on Bandcamp from right over here, and for more on Orson & The Rosebuds please 'Like' them on Facebook from this locale here.

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