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Waltham, MA Duo Late Night Thoughts Amaze On New Single "Dust"

Waltham, MA based musical duo Late Night Thoughts have made an indelible first impression on their stunning new single released just last week titled "Dust". The duo consists of Brian Rauch and Michael Harlow, and the guys met while attending school together at Brandeis University where they learned how to hone their musical sound, and develop an appreciation for each other and bond through their shared and mutual love of music. The sound is mostly derived with an acoustic backbone along with Brian and Michael's stunning and beautiful vocals making the track a real beauty to hear unfold right before you. You can tell how much the two love playing together, and it's becoming apparent that they have alot more up their musical sleeves. I was more than impressed with the talent and creativity emanating so strongly from the two, and this barely scratches the surface of what the two can possibly achieve from here on out. A truly outstanding listen that will definitely warm you up during the brutal winter stretch ahead.

To check out "Dust" for yourself, it's available on Soundcloud over on this link here, and on most major streaming outlets as well. For more on Late Night Thoughts, please 'Like' them on Facebook from over here, check out their Instagram feed at this spot here, and visit their official website right here for more in depth info about the fellas.

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