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Manchester, UK's The Slow Show Are Just A "Sharp Scratch" On The Surface With New Sing

Manchester, UK based indie outfit The Slow Show are back with their first new track in over a year called "Sharp Scratch". The song is a very personal one for frontman Rob Goodwin, who stated that "This song was written during a period of chronic pain and ill health. Whilst not explicit, it deals with the precarious nature of our health and the associated anxiety, hope, and despair." All musicians go through troubling times that sometimes make it difficult to conjure up lyrics and music, but hearing their sound just makes you appreciate the guys that much more for summing up the courage to share a naked openness of sorts by allowing to see the trials and tribulations that has made the group stronger as a whole. I was impressed with the toned down nature of their sound, and it really makes me appreciate the guys from the outset for being so open and honest about who they are not just as people, but as musicians also. A terrific act that is starting to creep its way to America from across the pond.

You can check out "Sharp Scratch" now available on most major streaming platforms, and for more on The Slow Show, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this portal here, follow them on Twitter from this locale here, peep their images on Instagram at this platform here, and visit their official website over here for more in depth info about these talented gents.

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