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Bath, UK Based Luke De-Sciscio Invites Listeners Into His World On New LP "Good Bye Folk Boy&qu

From across the pond in Bath, UK comes the introspective singer-songwriter stylings of Luke De-Sciscio, who has just released his debut album titled, "Good Bye Folk Boy". Luke has a warm, inviting musical presence that invites listeners into his sanctuary full of beautiful melodies and a pristine voice that will warm your heart and make you fall in love with Luke upon first listen. It took a couple of listens for me to gravitate towards Luke, and what did it for me was his overall British charm and ability to weave poetic symmetry into his music that made me believe in him and want to get up close and personal with him. It's almost as if you can feel Luke's presence in the room as you're listening to the record, feeling his voice quiver in your ear and his skin up against yours that really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Luke is an exceptionally good looking and charismatic performer who has an ability to build an intimate relationship with the listener that makes them feel what Luke is experiencing at the same moment. An outstanding and brilliant soul whom you'll fall head over heels for in an instant.

To check out "Good Bye Folk Boy" in its entirety, it's now streaming on his Soundcloud page located over here and for more on Luke DeSciscio, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook at this junction here and visit his official website at this spot here to get inside his world.

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