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Interview w/ LA Based Synth Gods KOLARS

Get hyped for KOLARS appearance at The Mid East Upstairs tonight with my exclusive interview with the duo. Drummer Lauren Brown and singer/guitarist Rob Kolar take some time out to talk about the group's formation, how their musical influences manifest themselves in the band's sound, how they would classify themselves musically, what a typical writing/recording process is like for the band, the genesis behind their latest single "Touch The Lightning", plus how the audience has been reacting to their music and live shows, which you'll definitely see in full force tonight. Here is the full transcript from our chat:

Give us your names and roles in the band?

Lauren Brown, Tap dancing Drummer

Rob Kolar, Singer/Guitarist

Take us behind the formation of KOLARS and how you all met?

We were both in a previous band, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister for some years awhile back and then we evolved into KOLARS from that. But if we are going WAY BACK....Rob and I met at a pool hall in NYC 18 years ago. We spooned that night.

What were some of your earlier musical influences that helped shape or hone your sound?

We are influenced by so much-music, dance, vaudeville, theater, visual art, fashion. Musically-people often compare our sound to a combination of Bowie meets Elvis, a dash of T-Rex with a little bit of New Wave thrown in and hints of the future.

How would you characterize your genre for those who aren't familiar with you?

Glamabilly, Desert Disco, Space Blues and Punk.

Describe a typical writing/recording process and how you usually come up with songs?

Typically Rob writes a song, then we both come together and edit it, dissect it and build it. But the melody begins in Rob’s head. We do our best song writing sessions while we are driving on the road to the next gig, haha.

Talk about "Touch The Lightning" and how you came up with the concept behind it?

It was influenced by Graham Hancock’s ‘Supernatural’, and the themes deal with human origins and the sparks of conscious evolution.

What has been the audience's reaction to your music and what have been some memorable shows you've played thus far?

It has (for the most part) been so kind, electric and enthusiastic. Touring and meeting people brings us so much joy. The shows are definitely a wild, sweaty, sexy affair-and feel like a shared experience between all of us.

We just got off the road with our pal Shakey Graves, and those shows were massive and brilliant and fun. We played a 3000 sold out seated theater in Vancouver, and no one was allowed to dance. During our set, one wild woman got up into the aisles and started dancing uncontrollably. The security came down and tried to take her away-but that only made her dance even more. The audience cheered and screamed for her-and we were blown away. Definitely a moment to remember.

Besides music, what do you like to do for fun in your spare time?

We love a good hot tub.

What's coming up next for you guys, any more new tunes coming down the road?

Yes! Our 2nd full length will come out early next year and our special vinyl with Mike McCready (of Pearl Jam) just came out this month with his label and Jack White’s Third Man Records.

We also just announced we will be on the road supporting Guster this summer, so there are definitely lots more shows coming up this year!

Lastly, how can people find out more info about you online?

All those usual places;).

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