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Kingsley Flood, Carissa Johnson, Latrell James, and Others Set For Summit Indie Fest 5/11 @ Portsmou

A host of local Boston artists will be making a trek up to Portsmouth, NH on 5/11 at the Summit Indie Fest being held at the Portsmouth Book and Bar. The festival brings together artists from a wide range of genres that represents the musical diversity and wide range of talent that is omnipresent throughout the scene. Performing at this festival will be Kingsley Flood, Troll 2, Carissa Johnson, The Wolfe Sisters, Latrell James, As The Sparrow, Young Frontier, Def.Grls, Tyler Legare, and Gretchen Klempa. Yours truly MusicBoxPete will have a presence up at the festival as well in what is sure to be an amazing day full of amazing live music, local vendors offering up some food and drink, and an appreciation for everything that live and local music has to offer. The festival was created by Joel Greer, who has worked tirelessly to bring together all these aforementioned acts, and definitely has an appreciation for live and local music. While the main purpose of the festival is to gather around those who have the same shared appreciation of music, it's also to gather in the spirit of philanthropy and give back to the local community as well and give them something to appreciate.

The festival gets underway at 2pm on Sat. May 11 and for more on the Summit Indie Fest, please visit their official website at this spot here for an updated list of set times for the acts as the date draws nearer. Don't forget to 'Like' Summit Indie Fest on Facebook right here for updates on the festival also.

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