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Boston's Pregame Rituals Are "All Smiles Now" On New EP

Boston based power pop group Pregame Rituals have just released their debut EP titled "All Smiles Now". The group is a one-man act under Georgio Broufas, along with some assorted friends helping flesh out musical ideas. You may remember Georgio from his time in Western Education, whom I had the pleasure for interviewing for my podcast a couple of years back and were featured many times here on the site as well. This act is markedly different than Western Ed, and has hints of some pop-punk thrown in alongside the alternative and power pop rhythms exploding on the surface. I was floored the moment I heard Pregame Rituals, and Georgio really has a strong sense of who he is as a musician and where he wants to go moving forward. This new project definitely has all the makings of an act that is going to make it a long way moving forward, and Georgio is such a genius for melding together such different styles to make the music sound melodically explosive and catchy as hell. A terrific new act that is worthy of taking a first listen to.

To take a listen to "All Smiles Now", it's now available on most digital streaming providers and for more on Pregame Rituals, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this locale here, follow them on Twitter from over here, and visit their official website at this spot here for more in depth info regarding them.

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