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Londonderry, NH Bred Amanda McCarthy Heading Out On "Road Trip" With Full Length Debut LP

Based out of Londonderry, NH comes the singer-songwriter stylings of Amanda McCarthy, who has released her debut full length album titled "Road Trip". Her sound is reared within pop/country with an alt-rock mindset that gives listeners a balance to explore her musical personality. The music acts as a snapshot through Amanda's musical journey, her incredible voice acting as the wind coasting through the breeze as you're traveling down the highway, experiencing everything that Amanda has to offer up for you. I was impressed with her talents, and she definitely has a little bit of that country flare that makes her stand out prominently and not get lost amongst the pack of other singer-songwriters out there. What Amanda does is offer up an auto-biographical snapshot of where she currently is in her life to her listeners that makes her that much more relatable to the average person, where they can correlate to something currently going on in their life, and have her music as a traveling companion through life's journey. A remarkably talented artist that I look forward to hearing more from in the future.

To check out "Road Trip" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming platforms and for more on Amanda McCarthy, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from over here, follow her on Twitter right here, and visit her Instagram feed at this spot here. Check out her official website for even more information regarding her located here.

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