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Vancouver, BC's Benjii Veers Into More Pop Oriented Territory on New Single "BOA (Show Me Y

Vancouver, BC based Benjii is back with his brand new single out today called "BOA (Show Me You Love Me)". The follow up to his serene and dream laced debut single "California" finds Benjii venturing into a more pop paved landscape that shows off his diversity and abilities as a multi faceted artist. I was more than impressed with Benji's follow up single, and it shows that he is just getting started and has just scratched the surface of what he's musically capable of achieving from here on out. You may remember him from his prior act Hawking that allowed him to explore a more prog rock landscape, while also forming bonds with his bandmates that still exist to this day. With this new single, Benji continues his upward trajectory that is a sight to behold and wonder to hear for yourself. A tremendous talent that you need to be listening to right now!

To check out "BOA (Show Me You Love Me)" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming carriers and for more on Benjii, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook conveniently located here, follow him on Twitter over here, and visit his Instagram feed at this spot here.

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