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2019 Bands of Summer Shirtless Photo Special

Summer is officially here, and it means time to focus those eyes on some exposed skin with my annual rundown of MusicBoxPete's Bands of Summer shirtless photo spread. A recurring feature on the site since 2014, the Bands of Summer special is designed to show off a different side of musicians that you don't get to see very often that makes you have an even deeper appreciation for these acts, and their willingness to expose some skin while performing for you live in concert. This year's crop of artists includes Brandon Milman from Skyward Story, James Cassells from Asking Alexandria, along with an honorable non-music mention, plus a return appearance from Tristan Lake Leabu that provides for one of the most revealing photos in recent memory. (CAUTION: NSFW!) And without further ado, here are 2019's Bands of Summer participants:

Brandon Milman (Skyward Story) Photo Credit: Hannah Jonas

Kicking off this year's list is none other than Brandon Milman, drummer for the Baltimore based pop-rock outfit Skyward Story. You may remember him from his prior band 3PM that features all the same members as the prior group. Clearly a big hit with the young teenage female crowd, the bands have a real knack for crafting energetic, feel good live shows that place the audience member smack dab in the middle of the action. One thing that is a constant at every show is Brandon reminding everyone that he works out by taking off his shirt before every performance. Brandon has one of the most perfect bodies with a massive chest and bulging biceps that will turn you on instantaneously. There is no turning away from the beauty that is Brandon Milman, and you'll most certainly be pinning this picture up on your wall longing after him.

James Cassells (Asking Alexandria)

Continuing on with the drummer theme with James Cassells, drummer for the popular Birmingham, UK based metal act Asking Alexandria. Drummers are notoriously sweaty creatures, and James is definitely no exception with him never wearing one whatsoever during any of his performances. James is a ridiculously handsome individual, and this pic from his Instagram account shows how dedicated he is to maintaining his chiseled physique at all costs. Coupled with his swooning British accent and his well defined torso covered with tattoos, you will be forced to cater to his every desire and become hypnotized with his irresistible charm.

Sam Bowden (Neck Deep)

Another fellow Brit joins the fray in this year's issue with Sam Bowden, guitarist for the legendary UK based punk act Neck Deep. There's something that is hauntingly beautiful about musicians bearing all in concert as it forces you to listen more deeply and intently of what the artist is conveying to you. With Neck Deep, they have really cut deep to the core and essence of what punk rock is all about. Sam has definitely contributed to the outfit massively since joining in 2015, and he maintains a slim and healthy physique as you see in the picture above. With his tanned skin and slim chest arousing your attention, there is no turning away from this handsome lad who seeks to peer into your soul.

Sam RP (Biscuits & Gravy)

A local Boston entry in this year's Bands of Summer comes from Sam RP, guitarist for the now defunct soul/R&B outfit Biscuits & Gravy. A lot of soul based acts have a real knack for dimming the mood down low and giving the audience member a more intimate setting for them to feel at ease, and giving themselves something to look forward to. This pic above definitely gets your heart racing at exactly the right pace with Sam's pale, sun starved skin and perky nipples just adding to the comfort level that is ever increasing. Sam is definitely a ridiculously handsome fella, and he most certainly welcomes you to glance for however long you want.

Cedar Park High School Baseball Team

This year's honorable non-music entry comes to us from the Cedar Park High School baseball team from Cedar Park, TX. Coaches from various sports teams offer up clever and unique ways to reward players for a job well done after making it to the postseason. In this case, the coach from Cedar Park thought of a way for the players to let loose and have some fun as they enter the playoffs with some shirtless batting practice, and letting one of the players run the radio system also. This pic here shows how happy and laid back the guys are, as well as their willingness to show their fearlessness and sexy bods to the public who will definitely have their tongues wagging after seeing all of this exposed skin!

Photo Credit: Brandon Jameson

Tristan Lake Leabu

In the most revealing photo in the history of Bands of Summer we feature another entry from CA based singer-songwriter/actor Tristan Lake Leabu. In addition, Tristan also moonlights as a model and has a very distinct, bohemian style in most of his photo shoots. Tristan also bares some serious skin showing off his slim physique and other attributes, as well as a sneak peek of some pubic hair that will have your eyes popping out of your sockets. This pic really makes you want Tristan all to yourself and appreciate his good looks and free spirit that will make you want to connect with him on a more deeper level.

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