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Grand Rapids, MI Based Indie Studs Pretoria Blow It Out Of The Water With New EP "Cape Town&quo

From the outskirts of Michigan in Grand Rapids comes the explosive indie sounds of Pretoria, who have released their latest EP just last month called "Cape Town". The group is guaranteed to be your new favorite band as they have the right combination of melodic hooks, syncopated melodies, and blazingly hot good looks that will make you faint over them in a heartbeat. The group consists of Rob Gullett, Ben DeWitt, Josh Bilisko, and Matt Burdick who have been making a name for themselves over in West Michigan since last year, and their sound is based upon a surf rock mainframe layered upon their indie charm that makes them stand out immensely from the start. I was blown away by the band's charisma and musical pedigree that is apparent from the surface, and really makes the band that much more aesthetically pleasing and musically attractive to the listener who will latch onto every word and note the band have to say. I fell head over heels for these guys, and I'm pretty sure that you will too.

To check out "Cape Town" for yourself, it's available on most streaming providers and for more on Pretoria, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook conveniently located over here, scope the band out on Twitter right here, and see their handsome faces on Instagram at this spot over here.

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