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Interview w/ Tel Aviv Based Trio The FullBug

Give us your name and your roles in the band?

Lavy Josephsohn (Lead vocals & guitars)

Nadav dori (Guitars & vocals)

Assaf (Jessie) Dori (Drums)

Take us behind the formation of the group and how you all met?

Lavy: I met Jessie when he was the drummer for a band called “Got No Shame” in 2007, I was in my own band, our bands had a few shows together back then. A few years down the line, in 2010, I joined his band and we went on our first US tour.

Jessie: So around 2012 our old band broke up but Lavy and I kept writing music with different musicians forming „Project Revival“ with a new frontman. My brother Nadav jumped in on guitars around 2013. Then we went on to record our first album together. Shortly after the album was done and released, our frontman left to do his own thing and we were stranded again.

Lavy: We decided to keep going no matter what. It actually made it a bit easier to have fewer people involved and we were not interested in doing live shows at the time, so there was no need to look for the new band members. We came up with a few songs and figured I should be the one to sing them.

Describe your early musical influences and how they have helped shape and inspire you to this day?

Asaf: Guns N' Roses, I had a videotape of the Paris show and I would watch it every day so definitely that influenced me to play music.

Nadav: Angus Young. I was listening to AC/DC, and his style blew me away. in that moment I knew I had to start playing myself. not too long after, I got my first guitar for my birthday.

Lavy: The first time I watched an Aerosmith video, i was hypnotized. When I was 9 bought my first cassette of “big ones” and listened to it time and time again. I didn’t understand any of the lyrics and was more drawn to the drums and guitars.

at some point along the way I had a double cassette stereo system with a “karaoke” option, it would somehow make the vocals a bit lower, then i would sing my own lyrics on it, really stupid stuff, I dont remember what i was saying, and I used the double cassette option to record it to a new tape. I would do this for years with a lot of different songs.

How would you describe your band's sound to those who aren't familiar with you?

It’s mostly dirty, loud rock, heavily influenced by punk & American southern music. If you‘re into loud guitar riffs and big rock drums you‘re in for a treat.

What's coming up next for you, any future shows or new music you'd like to promote?

We’re going to record new music very soon. And check out our new video for “Blood Bath”. This is our first animated music video, made by Anton Egorov, an artist from Berlin.

How can fans find out more info about you online?

Check out our website and other social sites:

Lastly, what is the one thing you enjoy the most about being in a band together?

We’ve been playing music in bands for the past 14 years, the thing we enjoy the most is creating and playing music. We enjoy the process of trying to find new ideas that would eventually become our next song.

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