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Interview w/ Denver Based Rock Quartet Rozu

Give us your name and your roles in the band? Rozu is made up of Tim Graham (Vocals), David Sundine (Guitar), Brian Robertson (Drums), and Henry Navarre (Bass).

Take us behind the formation of the group and how you all met? We kind of knew each other from the scene here in Denver. We have all been playing in different bands for years and when David and I (Tim) decided to start writing music and wanting to form a new band we sought out Brian and Henry. We just wanted to have dudes that have been on the grind for so long and very talented with their craft, so it was kind of a “these guys have to be in, or this band won’t work situation”.

Describe your early musical influences and how they have helped shape and inspire you to this day? I think two bands that really shaped all of us in some way or another and gravitated us to this kind of music was Underoath and Linkin Park. Those first 2 LP albums are just timeless where Underoath is still inspiring us every day with the art they have created throughout the years really defining this genre. How would you describe your band's sound to those who aren't familiar with you? We are a good combination of heavy and melodic tones with very vulnerable lyrics. Our music will make your head bang while pulling on your heart strings.

What is the energy and joy you get out of playing and recording music, how big of a rush do you feel? We all love just creating art. Since we got together in 2017, we haven’t stopped writing and I think that is what makes this group special to all of us with our drive and the need to constantly be creating. The rush really comes from our live show because with our music being the way it is, we have to bring as much energy as we possibly can to the stage.

Talk about the recording of your latest release, and what it was like to put it all together? So, our latest release was ‘Divide’ which is one of our handful of singles we have been releasing over time. At first, we just went into the studio and wrote an album, then continued to write. We ended up scrapping that album then began working with our producer Tyler Ruehl and ended up just writing an EP. We decided to instead of releasing an EP to just release singles as we continued to find our sound in full for an album. It was cool having Tyler really be an outside perspective and drive us more to the heavier side while still pushing our creative boundaries.

Besides music, what do you like to do in your spare time? We all kind of got our different things we do. Besides working David does a bunch of graphic design work while Henry is a straight coffee connoisseur. Brian has worked in a couple musicals and really is just a creature of music, and I manage a couple young bands and work on marketing strategies for bands.

What's coming up next for you, any future shows or new music you'd like to promote? We are working on some tours for early 2020, will be releasing a few more singles in the upcoming months, and just in the final stages of finishing our debut album.

How can fans find out more info about you online? Follow us on Instagram @rozu_official and to be fully connected with us sign up for our mailing list at Lastly, what is the one thing you enjoy the most about being in a band together? I think it really is just how quickly we clicked and bonded. The initial goal of this band was to have members who were great at their craft but also someone who we would actually love spending long periods of time together in tight corridors. That and we have a very similar outlook on the big picture when it comes to the creating process for sure.

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