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Boston Based Indie Collective Pregame Rituals Return w/ New Single "Devil's Son"

Boston based indie trio Pregame Rituals have returned with their blasting, brand new single out today called "Devil's Son". The track is an emo infused track, but still maintains its boundaries within the indie realm with remarkable aplomb, and finds the guys basking in their comfort zone and relishing in the moment. The group consists of Georgio Broufas, Drew Pellegrini, and Corey Dineen. You may remember Georgio from his time in Western Education whom I've featured multiple times before on the site, and Pregame Rituals were also featured here previously as well. What I love about Georgio's new venture is that it's different from the music he made back in the Western Ed days, and really represents the type of music that he wants to play plus it's indicative of where he is at this stage of his professional life also. You can gather just from listening at how much fun Georgio is having, and how much his bandmates are backing him up also. An extraordinary new track that is worthy of blasting at full volume.

To check out "Devil's Son" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming carriers and for more on Pregame Rituals, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook conveniently located right here, follow them on Twitter here, and see their mugs on Instagram conveniently located over here.

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