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Boxford, MA's Own AJ Marks Flips "The Switch" On Latest Single

Based out in Boxford, MA comes the vivacious pop-rock sounds of AJ Marks, and his most recently released single titled "The Switch". You will be a guaranteed fanboy of his music after you're done listening and his sound explodes to life and off the musical canvas with such creative wizardry that will leave you in awe. I just recently discovered AJ's music after being introduced through my good friend Henry McIntyre at his show up in Merrimac this past Friday. I had no idea of what I've been missing this whole time, and it's just mind boggling at how impeccable AJ's skills are, coupled with his finesse and ability to communicate effectively with the audience that will leave you wanting more by the time the song has concluded. AJ has a certain magic and charisma to his style that is impossible to ignore, and you'll be fully immersed within his world and wanting to know everything about him, and what else he has coming down the pipeline. An immensely gifted and talented artist that you'll be hearing more from for some time.

To check out "The Switch" for yourself it's available on most major streaming providers and for more on AJ Marks, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow him on Twitter here, and peep his handsome face on Instagram at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him and everything he has going on in his world right now.

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