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Discover The Magic of Millis, MA Based Blues Guitarist Baxter Hall

Millis, MA based Baxter Hall has left an indelible impression on listeners with his impeccable guitar skills and booming voice. Originally from Jamaica Plain, he moved out to Millis when he was 5, and was constantly surrounded by music at a young age and reared from a very strong, structured household that allowed his talents to flourish fluidly, and become the man he is today. I stumbled across his videos on YouTube, and was blown away by his ability to communicate effectively with the audience, and give them something to gravitate towards. Another musician that he has played with is Ahren Shreeve from Juniper whom I interviewed on the podcast back in September, and they both have this immense youth and endless amounts of talent that are burgeoning and exploding right now as we speak, and what Baxter has going for him is that magnetic charm and constant ability to hone and improve upon his craft that sets him apart on a higher pedestal amongst the others. An immensely gifted and talented artist that you're guaranteed to hear more from in the future.

For more on Baxter Hall, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located here, see his handsome face on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit his official website over here for more in depth info surrounding him and upcoming shows to the Boston area as well.

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